Video production requires a number of processes that VoiceFlix clients (you) should be familiar with.

Once a client accepts a quote from VoiceFlix and proceeds with the development process, a deposit equivalent to 50% of the final quote is required. Upon receipt of the deposit, production will begin.

Along with relevant project details, the client must provide an estimated time frame or a deadline within which they expect VoiceFlix to complete the project. If the client delays in providing deadlines and/or expected input, then the estimated delivery date is subject to change.

Phase One: Scripting
– A clear brief from client will help VoiceFlix deliver a video that meets expectations.
– The brief must include purpose of the video, target audience, type of the video, video usage and other relevant information.
– Any information provided by the client must be delivered in an editable electronic format (MS Word document for example). VoiceFlix will use this information to compile a video script.
– Once VoiceFlix has composed a script, it will be sent back to the client for approval or feedback.
– Proper pronunciation of uncommon names must be included in client specifications.
– A written email from the client approving the final script is sufficient.

Phase Two: Shot-List
– VoiceFlix will use the approved script to create a shot-list of possible demo.
– This shot-list will be sent to the client for further approval or feedback.
– An email record of client’s approval is sufficient for final shot-list.

Phase Three: CGI
–The VoiceFlix video production team will film a video in accordance to the approved shot-list at the specified site.
–Shooting is a nine-hour process, including one half hour lunch break.
–Any footage shot after approved dates & times is subject to overtime fee. This includes re-recording voiceovers and re-shooting onsite.
–VoiceFlix is fully equipped with all of the tools necessary for completing the filming process in a timely, professional manner.
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the required scenarios and settings have been properly prepared prior to the arrival of the film crew.

Phase Four: Sound
– After voiceovers have been recorded, any further changes to the script are subject to additional fees.
– Proper pronunciations of names are to have been included in the specifications of the scripting phase.
– Original soundtracks and sound effects can be composed by VoiceFlix and included in the final video. This service is subject to additional fees.

Phase Five: Editing & Post Production
– Piccommerce will do video editing by combining footage, soundtrack and voiceover narration.

Phase Six: Confirmation
– Once the final video is ready, a meeting between VoiceFlix and its client will take place, where any recommendation or feedback from the client will be appreciated.
– Any final adjustments and modifications to the video need to be approved by VoiceFlix.

Phase Seven: Delivery and Invoice
– VoiceFlix will deliver the final product.
– Client signs off on the final document.
– Payment will be due on the receipt of invoice.
– Any further changes in the script after the approval will be subject to further charges, as multiple phases may need to be repeated.